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The Web Wizard
Article published in the Coastland Time 2000

Are you up for an embarrassing question, a really delicate one? OK, here goes. Is your website making you money?

Many businesses have a site that just sits there, no hits, no new business, nothing.  Embarrassing! Yet there are millions of people out there searching the Net daily who might hit on your site if . . . if your products were not hidden behind a secure door . . . if your images were more compelling . . . if your text was written to incorporate as many of the keywords to which search engines lead web surfers as possible.

Enter LK & Associates, one of the best kept secrets on the Outer Banks, part of a global team of Internet specialists who can really make your business go.

When you first walk into Lloyd Khan's work site under his home set back into the woods, you think the computer age can't be here. But on second look, you see a bank of computers and it becomes evident that there is some very sophisticated technology here. This is why LK owner Lloyd Khan is known as the "web wizard in the woods.''

The service Lloyd has brought to the Outer Banks, linking the area to the rest of the world via his Internet expertise, is breathtaking in its global scope.

Known as the founder of the most advanced online Internet dial up Internet server on the Outer Banks, Lloyd is now teamed with associates in Bombay, Toronto, Germany and the Ukraine to bring this area, no, country, no, globe, the best, most effective web hosting, web design, update and redesign and E-commerce available anywhere.

Think about your own website. Chances are, your corner-store web master can whip you up a website design in a few minutes that will look pretty good to you, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating: it probably won't bring you the results that are possible.

Lloyd can change that. He will design text that search engines pick out of the air, bringing customers directly to the right site, yours. He will make your site so appealing web surfers will want to find out what this is all about. 

He will remove the impediments to sales, putting your product right out there where it is easily accessible, not behind a secure icon that really is needed only at the point you begin typing in your personal

Several well-known area businesses have already discovered what a well designed Internet site can do. One is selling thousands of dollars worth of product online every week. Another has discovered that online orders are outpacing in-house sales. 

And others envision Internet sales increasing their yearly sales exponentially.

All of this is happening because of professional, well-designed websites that draw customers' interest and makes them confident enough in the sellers to trust them with their credit cardnumber.

Going a step further, if you have a golf course, summer rentals or a motel you would like to show potential visitors, Lloyd can arrange a virtual tour that will bring them to your golf course or right into your home or motel, first online, then in person.

If you're interested in a website that really works, visit the "web wizard in the woods''.

Lloyd Khan - Lead Programmer for LK & Associates

1996 � 2003 Founder of AGI Net � American Gateway International Network Sole Proprietor for Digital ISP services on the Outer Banks of North Carolina providing internet services for residential and business owners in all areas. A.G.I. Network was the 1st company offering digital with T-3 backbone in area. American Gateway International Internet provided the following services:

Digital ISP services for residential and business
Maintained staff � 12 sub contractors for all internet related services
Hosting Services partnered with Rackspace.
Web Development for small business and corporations
Real Estate Vacation Rental Home ISP set up
Computer repair technicians
Customer Services
Billing and Administration
Maintained 3500 ISP clients
Opened up CyberCade USA with 2 locations 1 in Duck, NC and 2nd in Kitty Hawk, NC � set up for video arcade, virtual chairs, wireless computer access, video game computers for kids all ages



Success Story

Comprehensive Product Line.
From simple hosting to E-commerce and advanced database applications we have the products for almost any need. The Best Value Anywhere. With feature rich hosting, along with world class performance, it's easy to see why LK & Associates are hands down the best value in web design & hosting.


Our objective is to provide the latest state-of-the-art information technology services to Howard University. We strive to make your on-line presence more efficient by working with you to implement the latest on-line technologies. Our objective is to provide services to accommodate on demand application services.


Products & Services




Proficiency in these layout/design applications:

Macromedia DreamWeaver 8
Macromedia Flash Professional 8
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Macromedia ImageReady CS2
Adobe Illustrator CS2
Adobe Acrobat 7
QuarkXPress 6
HTML /JavaScript
FTP software
Power Phlogger
Web Position Gold
Microsoft 2002
Macromedia Contribute 3
Conversions Plus


Familiarity or ancillary skilled in these applications:
Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004
FrontPage / Expressions
Sound Forge
CGI Database


Flash Professional MX 2004/08 - NEW VERSION
Rich Media Design
Application Development
Advanced Application Development
Blue Screen Productions
Flash Video Development


Dreamweaver MX 2004 - NEW VERSION
Web Site Development
Dynamic Application Development
Developing ASP.Net Apps with DWMX