Banner advertising designed by LK & Associates! run on Google, Yahoo, The New York Times, National Geographic and other major Web venues.

We customize each web banner ad and HTML email campaign to fit your image and, at the same time, attract your target customer because we know how to design web banners that makes people click!


Your banner ad may only have a few seconds to make its impact on the viewer.

As a result, it must be able to convey your message in a small amount of time. By keeping your ad's concept and wording clear and concise, you increase the likelihood that the viewer will actually get your message. Remember, if the viewer can't easily and quickly understand what your banner ad is saying, it is unlikely he/she will click on it. Use the fewest (and most simple) words you can. Just because you can fit more words in your ad doesn't mean you should. Once someone clicks to your website, you'll have ample opportunity to provide more details.

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