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Offering premiere web design, promotion, traffic analysis, training and support services to clients at such an affordable rate keeps LK & Associates very busy. We're a small team with huge capabilities. If you're serious about your project and want the best team possible to develop it, then contact us. 252-449-8830

If your goals are to increase your phone, mail or email-based sales by providing an interactive web site that features your products and services, then LK & Associates can help you gain the competitive edge required. LK & Associates analyzes your competition, listens to your goals and becomes the catalyst for sales and brand recognition - whatever your commercial arena may be.

To compliment our premium design services we offer:

Domain name search and selection: Having trouble coming up with a good name for your site? We will come up with a list of names that we think would be great for your company and you can simply choose one or more. This service is FREE with the purchase of a site.

Image scanning: We can scan existing art work like photos, logos, ads and even retouch an old or bad photo.

Customized CGI and Java scripts: Interested in adding scripts for your various forms, message boards, and searches?

GIF Animation: Add interest and action to any site.

Mouse-Overs: looking for a little extra punch? Mouse overs allow the images to change when the user rolls over or clicks on certain graphics. This make sites more interactive and fun to use.

MP3: For adding CD quality sound to your web site MP3 is tops. Keep in mind this takes some space to store.

Real Audio™/Real Video™ and/or Quicktime™ audio/movies: Adding video is a great addition to any site but we do require original or master recordings for best quality and video streaming needs to be supported by your ISP. Again this takes up a lot of space on your site.

Macromedia Flash: Flash is great for adding audio, video and other cool stuff. That will become a faster loading site. This kind of development does not come cheap.


Comprehensive Product Line.

CD-ROM mastering/archiving: Incase of emergency always keep a backup of your site. We can archive off a copy of your site and all documents or work associated with you site for your records. We periodically backup client webs at no charge to the customer just in case but if you want a guarantee that your safe please take advantage of this service. You would not want thousands of dollars of work to go down the drain.

Design Custom Ad Banners: We can provide you with banners so that you can network on-line with other businesses.

Web training: After we get your site up and running we can teach you how to make simple changes to the site. Basically we turn over the reigns to you for the day to day changes. That way you only pay us when you need a new look or more complicated changes are necessary.

Web promotion consulting: Of course we will register your site to the major engines but we can also help you prepare and send out press release, add your new website to existing advertising efforts, brainstorm with you on how to direct more traffic to your site, prepare material like brochures, presentations and speeches to be used at seminars or company trade shows.

Our expert designers provide the following services:

 Products & Services:
 Web hosting

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Web design

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Digital media design

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 what we have done:
We have created on-line presence that work and have placed our clients on all major search engines. The Best Value Anywhere. With feature rich hosting, along with world class performance, it's easy to see why LK & Associates are hands down the best value in web design & hosting.
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 Online advertising:
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The Best Value Anywhere. With feature rich hosting, along with world class performance, it's easy to see why LK & Associates are hands down the best value in web design & hosting.
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